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I am running x-plane 10.45 (ran update check) on mac, with PFC Beech yoke and PFC Cirrus rudder pedals (USB)

On yoke, buttons, pitch, roll all function, but throttle slider does not.  Calibration window shows no input from throttle

On pedals, both toe brakes work fine, but rudder control does not.  Again calibration window shows no input from rudder.

Have rebooted mac and x-plane, and connect peripherals before and after x-palne boot with same result

Joystick Show (diagnostic app) shows normal input from all degrees of freedom on both devices, including those that don't function with x-plane (throttle and rudder)

Anything I'm missing?  Thanks, Ben

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Hi Ben,

Is this a new issue? Did you notice it before updating to 10.45? Please upload a copy of your log.txt found in the main X-Plane folder after starting & quitting X-Plane with the devices plugged in.
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Log file is enclosed.  This is a new install of x-plane (last month) and the first time I have tried these peripherals with x-plane (i.e. they didn't used to work with an older version or install).