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I have tried the last several versions of xplane demos and none will work.

I run Win 10 pro 64 bit OS, Intel i7 6400 k 4 ghz, Two 500gb SSD drives, One 1 tb 10000 rpm disk drive, Nvidia GTX 980.    FSX has always run very well.

I would like to try X-Plane before purchase. Any help here.
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Thanks for the answer. The installer works and the program loads OK. It says the controllers need to be calibrated. Try to do that and it only shows the CH pedals no CH yoke.  Tried a simple joystick and sane results.  Have tried Version 10 and had the same results. Loaded on second computer, same results. Went through these exercises twice thinking I may have had a bad download, no joy. If I can not get the demos to work on my systems I will just forego X-Plane.

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Can you please elaborate?

Is the installer crashing? Is the Demo itself not loading?

Also, which "last several versions" are you referring to (as in the latest X-Plane 10 installers, or both the X-Plane 10 installer and the X-Plane 11 installer)? Some more information would be greatly appreciated.