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Will AI Aircraft ever follow ( or better yet, NOT follow) taxiways that are to small for the aircraft?  In other words, if I have a taxiway that I have set at 40 feet wide with WED 1.5, and ONLY want Aircraft size A, B, or C to use it, and keep Aircraft sized D. E. or F from using it?  As it seems right now, no matter how narrow I make my taxiways, the "Big Boys" still try to use it, and have trouble negotiating the turns,  I'm just wondering if this will be addressed by Laminar in the future, or are there any instructions any place to make this happen; In case I am doing something wrong!!!

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You can submit a bug against X-Plane here on the bug reporter. Make sure to only use default AI aircraft and to include a copy of the custom airport, or an example of a default airport with taxi route sizes specified. Please include as many details as possible to help us try to recreate the situation.