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I don't know what causes this problem, but once in a while I get a problem where the view outside my plane appears as if it's moving around in the wind or floating around. This phenomenon is seen in my external views as well. It's like my viewpoint is a windsock, moved about by the breeze. I've had this happen in the past several times and the only way I can get rid of it (it's persistent upon restart of x-plane) is to remove all the config files in the Output/preferences folder. If I knew which settings are getting messed up, in which file, I could debug and troubleshoot this issue. I can't tell which file is affected, so I remove all, but have to go through the whole startup config process each time. Has anyone else run into this situation and if so, is there a known fix? I've attached my current Log.txt file. Please advise. Thank you.


imageDownload file

Doug Du Plessis

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Hi Doug,

It could be caused by cinema verite. Please go to the View menu > Toggle cinema verite and toggle it off.

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