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Hiya, I've been trying to get XP11 setup for a friend who has the latest steam version, everything has been going smoothly but we ran into one of the most annoying problems. When entering any 3-D cockpit, the default view starts rotating upwards and with XCamera (Tried removing this and any other plugins to try and fix), keeps doing backflips around the default view. Holding right-click on the mouse keeps it from moving but as soon as he let go, it would start rotating upwards, making the sim UN-PLAYABLE. At first I thought it was the common control setup problem to calibrate the axis and checked for any binds that were causing view changes, no luck, the issue seems to even effect VR to an extent, in 3-d cockpit view everything seems fine but when going to external (SHIFT+8 or C (Free Camera) the camera jolts upwards, similar to if the UP ARROW Key was being held down the entire time with R (Rotate View: Up). Tried track IR with the box checked and STILL it manipulated the view. I've run out of things to try, I'm not sure if it's x plane, the controls or his pc. I've asked him to reinstall xp but any help is massively appreciated before we test the problem further. Note he's only experienced this problem today, months before there was no such problem.

We've tried:
Update/repair XP
PC Restart
Disconnecting the HOTAS (Seems the problem persists when devices have dc'd)
Deleting Preferences
Re-calibrate controls (although I haven't gone through every bind with him to check)

Plugins removed

X52 Pro

Log file

- Chris

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When weird behavior starts happening, the first things to try are removing all add ons, then resetting your preferences to defaults.