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I'm building a glider simulator with separate visual and instrument displays. Is there a way to get a view without cockpit but with yaw string? Currently the "Full screen no hud" is closest to what I want but it lacks the yaw string. Yaw string is essential instrument for gliders.

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No, it appears the default glider yaw string is only available in 3d cockpit view.
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Ok. Is there a way to convert this to a feature request? Or any suggested workaround?

I could of course code a plugin for this, but it would be better if it could be supported in the simulator itself.
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I have worked around this limitation by creating an empty transparent 2D panel with generic needle instrument showing yaw string dataref. I also made custom graphics for the generic needle instument so it looks right. Not and optimal solution but this is no longer a showstopper issue for our simulator.

I might release the files on x-plane.org later.

Feature request is still valid, it would be good to have this view mode for us cockpit builders.

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