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Hello, I play the mobile version of xplane 10, and I was wondering if there was anyway you can access a left-wing view? And is there anyway while you are in the wing view that you can move the camera around cuz it is just stuck in one spot while you are in wing view. Thanks.

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I believe that camera is static and can't be moved, (probably because a wing-mounted camera in real life would also be static. :)  Since many of the planes already have quite a few views to toggle through I don't believe any more will be added, although if there is enough demand for one it might be possible.
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Hi Airlehman97,

I have no connection with the product at the following link.  

Having looked at the demo videos I am sure it will meet your needs over and above what you want.

I understand that there are two "cost versions" ie donate ware and payware.

The  link is as follows  

Hope this helps.