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X-Plane 10 Installer crash, both via X-Plane 10 update or stand alone. X-Plane 9 installer properly working, even if X-Plane 9 is not installed. For reference X-Plane 10.41 try to upgrade to 10.42. All on Windows 7. This situation it happened only recently.

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How did you get the installer you are using? Did you start X-Plane and get notified there was an update, and let the installer download? You can try the newest installer from here on our website. If it still doesn't work, please upload a copy of the installer log.txt file (it should be saved on your desktop after you run the installer).

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Hi JRoberts it doesn't work. Another clue, running installer on XP DVD 1, it work, he ask to repair but I didn't, main reason is due, it asked to modify more than 7500 files.

If I will do, I can after that full repair, go to final release 10.42. What about others addon I have in X-Plane 10 folder, I need to reinstall ?


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So the latest installer from crashes when you try to install to the desktop? Are you using the installer in English or one of the translations? What is your computer's language set to?
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English, all Sw in my PC are english Language except W7
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We have had reports of crashes before when systems were set to other languages such as Portuguese, Italian & Japanese. We can see problems if our installer is using English but your system default is something else. I wasn't sure from your response if your operating system is in English or a different language?
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Hi jroberts

W7 is in Italian Language but till three weeks ago everything were great. Now I am doing PC cleaning for potential malware, as per Microsoft support suggestion. By the way, I want to install a X-Plane 10 second copy to a different hard disk, just to understand if it happen again. I am doing cleaning all of my hard disk, there are more than 5 tera byte, it takes long time. I will inform you in case positive solution.