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Original Xplane version = 10.3
Installed upgrade to 10.5
Airport Stansted - EGSS
Take off runway 5
Plane Cessna 172
Since the upgrade I have experience the following problems:-
Using the above settings None of the flight controls work
The view cannot be changed using the keyboard keys eg Shft+7
The view gradually from the cockpit gradually changes of its own accord, as if the nose of the a/c is lifting. There is a crashed 747 in the background.
If I change the setting to 3NM approach, there is a flickering message in the bottom l/h corner of the screen to the effect "Done with preloading". After several minutes I then had a look at the Task Manager (Ctl+Alt+Del). Task Manager reports "Program not responding" ie the program has hung.
The only option is to kill the process.
Overall the application is unusable.
Note the application worked fine in V10.3
I'm also using Panel Builder which is installed in a separate PC using 10BaseT as comms between the two. During the above fault the Panel Builder PC has been switched off.
I have attached the Xplane log file for your perusal.

imageDownload file


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There are multiple things you can try:

  1. Delete, rename or move your preferences folder (found in the output folder) to restore default keys, etc
  2. remove plugins, add ons & custom scenery
  3. move X-Plane to the desktop to make sure there are no permissions issues
  4. Run the installer & pick update to check for missing or corrupt files
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Thank you for the prompt response, but I’m more than a little disappointed with the content eg “There are multiple things you can try”, this strikes me that the attached log file does not provide sufficient information to debug a problem, and that the poor benighted user is left with the “fiddle factor” eg try this and try that. It unfortunately typical of the response that one comes to expect of the computer support industry in general.

Also, I blame myself for committing a number of the cardinal errors when it comes to dealing with software updates, namely :

(a). If it’s not broken don’t fix it.

(b). Never install any updates, they usually cause new issues.

And remember:-

For a new version always do a clean install and keep the old version.


What I propose do now is to delete Xplane and any add-ons in their entirety and start again from scratch using the original 10.3 version of the discs, then I can be confident that this will give me a working system again.
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You frightened me with "Never install any updates", lol. Updates are meant to serve as not only added content, but improved, optimized, or/and fixed underlying features from previous versions of X-Plane. While 10.3 is just fine as a release, I plead that you do not assume all updates are bad in the general computer world. :-)
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This is strange... I have not really experienced the problems you have had. Have you rerun the installer? There may be corrupt files; this may not be a general X-Plane issue.