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I am trying to install x-plane demo to make sure it will run before purchasing the full version.  I am running it on Vista 32bit dedicated machine with 4GB RAM and have changed my virtual memory to the /3GB.  When loading, the load screen stays on loading the Cessna 172 and appears to be loading (the bar moves back and forth a little) but never loads (I left it over night in one attempt.)  It gets stuck in the same spot each time and have reinstalled several times.  I have also tried it on my Windows 7 machine and it gets stuck in the same manner but on a different file.  I have installed x-plane 9 demo and it works fine.

I have turned off video card panels and updated the card drivers as well.

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If X-Plane 9 runs fine you may want to stick with that. Otherwise you might try contacting customer support at [email protected] and letting them know the things you've listed here. They have more experience with X-Plane 10 on older computers and operating systems.