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When I try to launch X-Plane 10, it goes smoothly until I get to a file called "Cessna_172SP_chute.png" at which it tries to load the previous file and load the chute.png file again getting stuck in this loop. The operating system is windows 10, the X-Plane version is 10.51. I have checked the files and couldn't find a file called "Cessna_172SP_chute.png," it is a clean install no addons or anything yet. I have tried fully uninstalling and downloading the demo from the website with the same issue occuring.

Link to log file,

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It looks like your computer doesn't meet the X-Plane 10 system requirements. In particular the GPU doesn't meet required specs. From the log:

Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator HD

This video card is: Later-generation DX9

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I'm having the same problem with the cessna_172sp_chute.png. I'm running the demo version 10 in windows 7 64bit. Seems when I first install it, it was ok. I have a second drive on this same computer which I'm running vista32bit and it has no problem there. Boots up in 2min. I've checked the windows 7 drive and it does have direct x 11. Guess I could try running the 32bit version while on the 64bit windows 7. Any ideas any one. Thanks