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I have multiple monitors on my computer. Why can't I have one with the chase view and one with the cockpit view?
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Hi Tommy,

I don't know what operating system you have and type of graphics card you have as well.

Windows 7 allows the linking of up to 3 screens as one (for outside the cockpit view) and allows other screens to be used as well for your instruments. If you have a Nvidia card you can "fiddle" with the configuration,  It does the same thing as an alternative to Windows.

The disc version of X-plane 10 has an included product called Plane Maker. I don't know if the download (via the internet) version has the same benefit. There is or are chapters (in the middle of the included manual) that allows you to do what you need.  I haven't followed this through to a great extent

Also have a look at a product called Panel Builder.  There are several Youtube videeos on this product.  It is marketed by Simplugins. They list 4 outlets where to purchase.  The company in the UK has done a lot of work in the development. There is also an add-on package for "glass" instruments.  Panel Builder can run on the same computer as X-plane provided it is a high spec unit ie an i7 processor, good hard disk capacity a good graphics card with at least 4GB capacity and plenty of memory (I have 16GB).

Hope this helps.

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Hi Glen,

very helpful.  I have a high-spec computer running Windows 10/64bit.  Plenty of RAM and clock speed etc.  Video card with several outputs and plenty of VRAM.   I need to get 2 more computers to network to the first one, so that I can run 3 monitors with different views - what would be the minimum specs for the 2nd and 3rd computers?  The monitors would be the same as the first computer.  The 2nd and 3rd computers would not be doing anything else, other that running another networked copy of xplane 10, and driving the monitors...


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Unfortunately, this is not a feature supported in X-Plane at this time. You can only have two monitors with different views (cockpit & instruction operating system/map). In order to have different views on different monitors, you would have to have X-Plane running on different, networked computers.
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Hi Sam57nz,

Before you purchase additional computers ie 1 for each screen, have a "good look" at the youtube videos produced by Michael Brown at the following link

Michael specialises in computers built for x-plane 10 and the company he operates, X-Force PC, is the recommended supplier of computers by Laminar Research, the developers of X-Plane, within the USA.  You may need to view some of his videos as far back as 12 months ago.  Having looked at many of these videos I am of the opinion that you dont have to purchase a second high end PC as it can be done on the one machine provided you have additional hard drives.  I think the time spent in looking at these videos will well worth the savings in dollars in due course.

I am also of the opinion that he would not produce these helpful videos if it could not be done.  Also have a look at his website X-Force PC to get an idea of the specs if you do decide to go for a second machine.

I also understand that MIchael and some of his staff also work for Laminar Research which means they have an intimate knowledge of how X-plane does work.

I also support the comments made by jroberts and this is also covered by MIchael in his videos.

Hope this helps.