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I am currently using X-Plane 10 that was purchased with a Hasp dongle and has a recent update to 10.5. The dongle is used because I don’t have a connected DVD drive. I am aware that it could not be used for version 11, although I wonder if there would be some kind of upgrade to the dongle software without buying a new one, and tossing the older dongle.

I am aware that I can buy the digital X-Plane V10 / 11 combo, which will give me the activation for both the v10 and v11. This would appear to be my best option to avoid the extra charge for a new Hasp dongle.

My question is, Will I need to install the Digital Download V10 to activate the eventual V11 (when it is available), or will I be able to wait and upgrade my current V10 direct to V11? In other words will it be a two step or a one step process for me.

I have a MacBook Pro and have two reasons for removing the Hasp dongle. One is that I would would prefer not to use the dongle, and secondly I have had issues with the Hasp software creating diagnostic messages every 10 secs when the dongle is not connected.

It has been well known that X-Plane updates are free within a single version, and that upgrades to a new version are not free. Most software works that way. I think that in light of this policy, that X-Plane is being very kind to excuse the new price for the recent purchasers of V10 while other softwares might allow a minimal discount.

Thanks in advance.

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The combo package currently being sold at will provide you with one digital download key. You can use the key now to download a digital copy of X-Plane 10. Then, once X-Plane 11 is released, you will need to download a new v11 installer, then use that same product key to install an entirely new copy of X-Plane 11.

No matter what way you purchase X-Plane 11, it will require an entirely new install. :)
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Thank you for your response. I note that there are two separate install processes each with their own installers. It was intending to install only the v11 (of this combo) when it is released, over my current v10.5 bypassing the v10 part, saving the re-install of v10. The disadvantage of this package is the requirement to be online to use the product.
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Ah! Yes, if you already have X-Plane 10 installed you do not need to re-install it at all. You can just wait to use your key until you can install X-Plane 11.