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X-planes is terrible for comercial aviation fans so I am trying to get more commercial aviation planes for my X planes. Is there a place where I can download planes for X-Planes without unzipping or going through complicated procedures. Something that you can only hit "download" and will be at the right place without extra burden. I am looking for A320, A330, B777, EMB190. Why X-planes don't make an airplane upgrade available. This is basic marketing. Do what customers want?

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I slightly misunderstand your question... all flight simulators that I know of, when installing an aircraft, require unzipping files. If you want those listed planes, which do not ship with X-Plane 10, you will need to likely purchase them from a third-party developer. Many planes can be found here: 


A330:  OR 





You can search for free files here: (you will need to make an account). 


Also, for a wonderful free B737-800, I recommend this: 


*Note: As with all major flight simulators today (P3D, FSX, X-Plane, etc.), add-on aircraft are most typically purchased for greater detail in individual aircraft. This is not a matter of only X-Plane... this is the reality of all current flight simulators. X-Plane 11 is intending to bring a detailed MD-80 and B737 to the commercial airline fleet (with highly functional FMCs), as well as an improved default B747, as well as other improved default aircraft!