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Specifically, what specific buttons and gauages do/show in the default aircraft. When I buy an add-on from the likes of Carenado it comes with an aircraft manual but there seems to be no such info for default aircraft like the Baron or 747?

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Hi Marco, 

Thanks for your feedback. There is no official X-Plane documentation on how to fly our default planes, aside from a little bit of info on the Cessna 172 in the manual. I would recommend doing some Googling for the plane you want to know more about. There are many helpful videos out there that will walk you through certain aspects of flying.

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One note though: the 747 is a somewhat special case, especially when it comes to its FMC. It has a lot of custom buttons. There is a file in the aircraft's folder called "FMC labels.txt" that goes over the button mapping.
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More info about how to fly you can find on this webpage http://www.x-plane.com/manuals/desktop/#flightinx-plane (including keyboard shortcuts).

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