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I have a Saitek X52 Pro controller connected to a newer iMac.  Your forum discusses this problem with poor detail.  I have identified the following and am asking if there is a way for X-plane to dismiss such high Hz variances or some other solution.  

All variances seem to occur at 5-20 Hz and result in strong image shaking when you are using "Internal Forward 3-D panel view".  All shaking stops when you select "Internal Forward 2-D panel view".

Please note when I disconnected and reconnected the the X52 Pro joystick to the Throttle while the sim was running then Axis 2 stopped any changes to its values. Also if I rotate Axis 5 AND Axis 6 to their maximum or minimum values then image jitter stopped.  I was using Axis 5 and 6 to view Lt/Rt and Up/down.  I believe this is an X-plane default.  If I remove these Axis from my joystick setup as detailed below then jitter stops.  I realize this may be an inherent X52 Pro potentiometer problem.  I want to rule out that X-plane is not TOO sensitive and can be set to average high hz data and stop his problem.

Your system indicates Axis 2(noted as "Stick 1Y on joystick settings page) shows a +/- variance of .005..  Axis 5 (noted as Throttle Back "Small Dial"1Y on joystick settings page ) shows a +/- variance of .1, and Axis 6 (noted as throttle back "Large Dial" 3X) shows a shows a +/- variance of .01.  All numbers are estimates.

If I have either the throttle or throttle + joystick connected this problem occurs.  If I remove the X52 USB from the iMac the image jitter stops.

Any suggestions?  I would like some way to make this work.  By using these throttle dials you can efficiently look in any direction while flying.

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