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My 10.51 has been working fine, but now every time it starts the X-15 aircraft loads and the screen alternates between the cockpit and a warning message.  I did recently install a CH Eclipse but have used it several times.  I also tried pausing the sim and changing the aircraft type while paused, but when resuming it immediately went right back to the X-15 and resumed the same behavior.  The log file is attached, I am not used to reading them so perhaps someone might spot the problem for me.

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It sounds like a button or key got accidentally assigned to the air drop situation. Please move, rename, or delete your preferences to restore defaults and see if that fixes it.
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I looked at all the key assignments and found nothing like that.  While paused I chose another airplane,  it would load it and after about 2 seconds go right back to the X-15 ready for air drop then freeze again.  I also notice that it loads multiple airplanes each startup such as 747 and C-130.  Very frustrating!
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During the startup, those other planes are AI Aircraft that are being loaded.

As for your problem, it looks as if there is some issue that keeps spawning the X-15 Drop aircraft situation.

To try and troubleshoot this, go into the main X-Plane folder, then the Output folder. There, there should be a Preferences folder. Open this folder, and copy all of the files to a New Folder on the desktop (this will be a backup, if necessary, while also not interfering with the X-Plane process).

Now delete the files in the Preferences folder. Restart X-Plane, and it will be set back to default settings, which should include getting rid of this aircraft and situations assignment. Then, in-game, manually set back the rest of the settings you had.
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That worked!  After starting it went to the default United 747 on the runway at Seattle, which easily changed to my preferred Grumman AA-5B.  Thank you so much, I never would have found the solution on my own!
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I'm really glad we could help you out! Make sure to mark the original post as "Answered" so other users can see it easier. Thanks. :-)
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I am new to X PLANE so i wanted to say thank you for the help provided in response to this issue. I did this and it worked for me very well.  Thank you so much it is greatly appreciated.