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Will airports be better quality as In have terminals now because some airport did not in x-plane 10

Will Aircraft like the default MD-80, will it be as good as the rotate one? or like semi functional?

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Airports --> User-submitted. Most airports are of high-quality, but as of right now, there are about 3500+ airports published on the servers. The user-submissions ensure proper quality of many airports instead of auto-generated airports, though I think there will be more to come (about 500+ each update).

Aircraft --> I can't say Rotate quality! But high quality, nonetheless. The default aircraft have been truly upgraded and some reworked vigorously. I can promise much better quality and high (very high) functionality for default aircraft, but of course, a group of people working on a list of aircraft AND a simulator is different than a group of people devotingly working on one aircraft. :-)