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Ok, that's not really a question, but it could be put in the form of a question: Why is this feature not already in XP-10? For in my humble opinion, it would be really useful! As it stands, I have to wait for XP to load on startup. Then I must change the Operations & Warnings settings (to start on ramp, cold and dark), and then reload again, which on my machine can take a considerable amount of time (likewise if I have XP configured to automatically launch Quick Flight Setup).

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If I understand your request clearly, you want to be able to decide before *each flight* whether or not the plane will start running or not. Currently it's all or nothing: all flights start cold & dark if the option is checked, until you change that setting.
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I understand now in Version 11 we will be able to change the position of the aircraft in an airport on startup (the new User Interface is gorgeous) to a place like a ramp or gate, but will the status of aircraft (cold & dark, turnaround, ready for takeoff, etc.) also be able to be customized? Seemingly this is not the case so far, but I don't mind. :)