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Will Vatsim work with X-Plane 11? Will X-Plane 10 aircraft on the store work with X-plane 11?

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Vatsim should work as X-Plane 11 will be backwards compatible with any add on (planes, scenery, etc) that was designed for X-Plane 10. If it was designed for an older version it may need some updating before working with X-Plane 11.
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XsquawkBox 1.3.1 Does not work "yeat" on PublicBeta9, it disconnect directly when try to enter vatsim-sweden-server.

There  homepage say that xsquawkbox only work on X-plane 10, so fare.

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I must correct my selves here...

If you put in the server IP number instead of using the drop-Box to collect server, the squawkBox will connect

On homepage above, you will find links to Vat-Spy program who will list all server IP on VAT-sim.(and other stuff to)

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I have done 2 flight on Vatsim with X-P 11 now and can report that it work.

However i could be easy to fly if FMS work on approach, so you not have to click on the map to get RW ILS. Hope nxt beta comes with all function who is missing in 747-400  cockpit... CRS setting is one of them..LoL
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yeah just realized that its only for xplane10 when i was reading about sqwuak box
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At this moment the latest version of XsquawkBox 1.3.3 works fine with X-plane 11 on windows 10 or w7.