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I was wondering weather X-Plane 11 beta would work with these systems:

-Windows 10

-intel core m3

-64 bit operating system


-x64 based possessor

-0.9GHZ  1.50 GHZ

-Lenovo Yoga 700-11ISK

Thank you!

*the x plane 11 system requirements page won't work because it does not say weather intel core m3 will work.

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It'll probably run, but it won't run well... It's pretty resource intensive.
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Thanks RandomlyAdam. Can you tell me what other flight simulators will work with my computer?
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Considering that it's a laptop with integrated graphics, and that most modern flight sims use resources intensely, I think you're gonna be out of luck unless you don't mind using them with the lowest settings, and even then they probably won't run great on your system.
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You can try this.

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Download the free X-Plane 11 demo here and try.

You can read more about system requirements for X-Plane 11 here.