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Recently every time I try flying in XPlane10, at some point the view suddenly goes up into the sky out of the aircraft then sinks back down to be chase view from halfway along the tail boom. Despite trying all the view settings in the menu and trying to free look, the only way I can move or change view is to restart XPlane.

I have always had an issue where the view randomly resets to the default straight ahead cockpit view every few minutes, but I could live with that. When this happens, the governor in the aircraft also switches off.

I am only using the Dreamfoil R22 beta currently and haven't had time to see is this issue occurs with other aircraft.

AMD FX8350
Gfx Card EVGA GTX 1070 SC
Win 10 64bit

Saitek X-55 and Combat Flight Pedals

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Yes, please check if this happens in the R22 only, or in default aircraft.

It could also be caused by plugins, so consider removing the plugins folder temporarily to see if that helps.
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I replicated the issue with the default XPlane R22 and was also getting a random view switching to the left with the Bell 206 and F22 Raptor but not the 'ejection view' with those two.

I tried renaming the plugins folder in the resources directory but XPlane wouldn't launch due to missing files. Was that the one you meant, or is there another folder somewhere?
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I figured it out! I had assigned a button on my throttle to eject and for whatever reason, that button is being randomly triggered by the driver or something. Took away the key assignment and the problem is gone. The other random glitches must be a similar thing, at least its not a problem with XPlane.

Thanks for your help.