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When I use x-plane, i use it in a hybrid configuration. A cockpit display and external controls such as VRinsight MCP combo II.  This setup works very well in P3D, but not so well in x-plane.  I wish it worked as good in x-plane.

Any chance there will be better integration with this type of controller with x-plane aircraft (stock and payware)?
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Thank you for your feedback. This is something that we can consider for a possible future update. Please make sure you are participating in the anonymous data collection so your sim usage and hardware gets tracked.
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Thank you for the reply.  I will make sure I am doing the data collection.
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Hi, All,

Today it is over 18 months since the above mail exchanges concerning VRinsight and 

X-Plane, now a days facing also Ver. 11....

I own also the MCP Combo II (Boeing style) for few years by now, and wish using it with

XP 10 &11. For that reason I contacted last night VR Customer Support and just got the following reply, quote:

"Unfortunately, VRinsight's  MCP  Combo II does not support X-Plane, because we cannot find interfacing software kit (SDK) of X-Plane"...


Is there anything that can be done for the benefit of many XP flyers? It would be interesting to see positive results...Good Luck everybody....