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I am looking for a good gaming laptop for new version of x-plane 11, any recommendations? Any brands? I have always been a Mac guy but the new laptops are just way to expensive to use for just gaming purposes.

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Yes; optimally, a laptop or desktop PC will run X-Plane faster than a Mac, in general (and frankly, in most cases). There are a LOT of brands out there... I would usually stick with ASUS, MSI, and I've heard Lenovo makes some good ones.

Now in terms of price, before I elaborate... what range are you looking for? There is a huge range of prices out there depending on the specs.
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Thank you for your response. Ideally not more than $1500.
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This might be a good bet:


So far that one has a great balance. A lot (A LOT) of other gaming laptops out there have even better graphics cards but keep skimping on the CPU. Some gaming laptops are absurdly expensive for the hardware they have. The problem is, it looks like practically every popular gaming laptop under $1500 packs an i7 6700HQ, which only ships @ 2.60 GHz... but can be overclocked to 3.5 GHz. I am not sure. It is usually something I would spend  a lot of time on researching.