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For those customers who have purchased the latest 2.9Ghz MacBook Pro model w/ the Radeon Pro 460 GPU compute engine ... including support for multiple external 4K/5K displays ... will these work well with XP 10/11?

The other thread was more about preference.  My question represents a non trivial number of customers / potential customers who have the new gear.  Geekbench4 shows 30% improvement on the graphics compute side, versus the mid-2015 MB Pro.

I expect the team will be testing this soon, based on this system now starting to ship.

Thanks all.  Not going to buy another computer.


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No! Sorry but Mac's don't work well at all with XP, especially 11. Cooling is a BIG issue with Mac's. Mac's are used for business/daily work, even some editing but definitely not gaming! As for your CPU, even if you turbo boost it, the experience will be bad. You could have gotten a high performance laptop even with a 1080 or 1070 GPU for around the same price. That would have been great and gotten you a high quality experience. I would suggest returning the Mac and get a gaming laptop but at the end of the day, it's your choice.