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I have the DVD set of XP10 Global Edition. When try to install XP11 Beta I get stuck on the Enter Product Key or insert DVD screen. XP 10 disc 1 is in my DVD/Bluray drive and XP10 will recognize it but XP 11 installer does not. Am I missing something?
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The email I received says I should be able to install the demo without purchasing yet, but I'm not seeing that as an option in the installer. :(
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Stumbled into the same Problem.
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I was gonna buy it anyway, so I just purchased the digital download, and the product key they emailed me is working to install it now.  I think everyone should just go and buy it and give them some extra motivation to make it the best it can be. :)
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I also have the same issue. Is there any way to have the installer recognize that the Disc 1 is indeed inserted into the drive?

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For me, the whole issue was created by me having the XP10 dvd in my dvd drive. When I removed the XP10 dvd, the x-plane 11 installer installs fine as a demo with no need for a product key. :-)
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LR is working to get a fixed installer out ASAP but for now the work around is to remove the X-Plane 10 DVD so the installer realizes you want the demo.
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Swear I tried that but sure enough that did the trick.
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got same issue... thought i needed to buy x-plane 11 to download. Lost 59$ for nothing.. x-plane 11 is far from any upgrade of x-plane 10... in fact, performance so far are worse!. Hope it get better.. fix the fps... fix the x-plane 10  Aircraft display (bunch of question marks not helping) .. and please be a bit more supportive than in x-plane 10...
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Please empathize with them. I have seen on the forums already you have a rather critical view of X-Plane. Laminar Research is not a massive team. We try to bring support to you and others. They are working vigorously to fix bugs with X-Plane 11, and already did so for years with X-Plane 10. Things to not simply just happen. "Fix the FPS" is not that encouraging of a message....


*I am not affiliated with Laminar Research.
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i would love to have some left! (empathy). I have had only challenges with "customer support" in past with fps issue. It was border line ridiculous. Big size or small size, the response received to past issue was discouraging. I have been on x-plane from day one... from early version to 10.xx i saw a degradation of the customer support.

So.. i may not be the goofy all exited... but leverage on Laminar need to be imposed. They have paying customers, and as such a certain level of support is expected. This is a good business and has many positive related enterprises, charging for services and pay ware. Laminar want people to go easy, provide x-plane as a FREE-WARE...

In the mean time, i will take your advice. I will be patient and report visible or known bugs in beta. This was done before in very early version, and will do again. i will reserve the "wrath of my negative comments" for a time, should this xp11 version turns more headaches then rewards.

*I am definitively not affiliated with Laminar Research.