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I see configuration options for my Saitek Cessna trim wheel, Cessna pedals, and Cessna yoke, though when running through the calibration steps, there is no throttle quadrant (lever style, not Cessna style) located.

When I finish calibrating the other 3, they all work as expected, though the mixture needs its axis reversed. (I haven't tried a plane with a CS prop to see if the prop is correct or not).  If the mixture axis was reversed, that would be usable for me as a beta, but I still have no way to program the 3 rocker buttons on the throttle quadrant (that I've seen at least).

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No answer but just to add that there is now way to add a second throttle quadrant or it doesnt recognise there is one connected
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I actually figured out what was going on.  When calibrating the Yoke, it wasn't obvious for me to pick the "view" to get to the Throttle Quadrant, as its a different unit.  However picking View -> Throttle Quadrant let me calibrate the 3 levers on the quadrant.  It seems that the labels are wrong on that page, and it calls the Mixture the Throttle and vice versa, and the Mixture is by default reversed axis, but I'll log a bug against that.  Also, note that the rocker buttons that are on the bottom front of the throttle quadrant are available on the Yoke device calibration screen under View -> Other Controls, and trigger buttons for the yoke are under View -> Back.
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Have the exact same problem with Saitek X-55 Rhino HOTAS. The FRONT and BACK views have the X and Y axis's swapped so it creates an conflict that I cannot fix. When I assign PITCH to X on the FRONT view it automatically assigns PITCH to Y axis on BACK view. This is a GUI problem. I sent a bug report as well. They should have all axis's on one view to program. I posted a few pictures of the problem on a forum thread I posted here and over at
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Hi Fellow Flight Simmers,

Seems to me that you have a problem allocating your button to the correct assignment.

You can do it manually.  Watch the Youtube video to see how it is done.  Hope this helps.

The link is as follows:-