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I have been using x-plane for a 172.  I just installed a PA30 and need my second controller.  Both quadrants are USB and do not plug into the yoke.

I have unplugged both and plugged them back in.  But it still only shows 1 quadrant.

When I am trying to configure them, I go into special equipment and under Throttle quadrant click on 2 throttle, prop & mixture.

I am not a simulator person (probably obvious) nor a computer person.

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Hi Sue

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but if I understand you correctly, you are trying to set up two throttle quadrants for extra realism, i.e. one quadrant per engine? Some questions therefore:-

1. As both throttle quadrants have USB connections and you can't plug them into the yolk, presumably you have plugged them straight into your PC?

2. When you say "I go into special equipment to calibrate them", what do you mean exactly?

3. As far as any USB flight controller is concerned, these must be calibrated from within X-Plane 11's joystick settings page, as per the photo below.

4. On the joystick settings page, you have the possibility to assign each of throttle quadrant levers to various operations.

For example, one throttle lever could be set up to control all engines (default setup), or just one out of possible eight engines.

It is a similar thing for the mixture and prop levers in that one lever could control all engines (default setup), or just one out of a possible four engines.

Whatever happens, do not try to set up these USB flight controllers from within your PC's operating system using external drivers or anything like that, only use X-Plane 11's joystick settings page to calibrate them, no other installation methods are required.

You also need to make sure that when you assign any lever to a given operation, you don't end up with a conflict between two controllers assigned to the same operation!

Not sure if this helps you?



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Thank you for your thorough response.

1. I did plug both USBs into the computer and then I discovered that under Devices there were 2 Saitek Throttle Quadrants.  So, I configured all 6 controls and gave them different names ( Throttle1, Throttle 2, etc.).

2.  When you say "I go into special equipment to calibrate them", what do you mean exactly?  Under PFC Hardware, there is a category called Special Equipment.  Under Throttle quadrant there is a pull down that says 2 throttle, prop & mixture.

So, I am feeling good that is really going to work.  However, when I start up my PA30 only 2 of the controls work and not for the operations they were assigned.  Now, I am feeling there is an interface problem with the PA30 module.

That will be the next thing that I explore.

Thanks again for helping me get closer to a solution.