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The yoke is seen by the game, which asks for calibration at each start. Calibration is ok but once in game, yoke does not work at all where as buttons do.

Rudder pedals work but not the right toe break.. Same thing, it works in calibration..
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Having the same problem but I have the Saitek X-55 Rhino HOTAS. Calibrates and is recognizes in joysticks but not working for flight. I am using Saitek Pro Flight rudder pedals and they work. The throttle on my Saitek X-55 works, its just the stick for pitch and roll.
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Having the same problem with Saitek Cyborg... can't calibrate
Pro Pedals are not even seen...


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Looks like I found the culprit...but I cant fix it. If you look at the X-55 FRONT profile and look at your X and Y axis, then look at your BACK profile and you will see that the X and Y axis are reversed. So when I go to the FRONT profile and change TOP PULL DOWN WINDOW marked X Axis to PITCH and I go back and look at the BACK Profile, it has changed the BOTTOM PULL DOWN WINDOW marked Y Axis to PITCH, creating a conflict. I cant change them separately. If I make a change from front or back view it simultaneously does the other view but the opposite axis.