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I have started the installation X-Plane 11 which will take a number of hours to complete; I have however other things I need to do on the Internet where I don't want a download running in the background and would like to pause this download/installation process.

Unfortunately the only way to exit the process is the cancel, and the message makes it clear that the partial installation will be deleted. Can you please allow for a clean break in the process, rescan what has been installed and then download the rest instead?

Thanks in advance, and looking forward to flying X-Plane 11.

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It may be possible; however, "pausing" downloads can often be associated with running the risk of corrupting a file or two of the download, depending on the quality of the cut.

For now, you can try running the installer overnight; make sure your computer is not set to go to sleep.
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There is no reason that pausing a download would have a problem with the "quality of the cut" You stop at a particular byte and you resume at the next one.   You can always do a checksum a re-download any invalid files.