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i'm really wanting to buy X11 but i'd like to check the performance on my PC before, but the demo download just stops all the time telling me "unable to download from highwinds" or something.

Any remedies on this?

imageDownload file


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Hi, I never experienced that myself, but it looks like someone found a solution here :


I found this topic by looking for "highwind" in this website searchbox.
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First of all, thanks a lot for the link.


Unfortunately using VPN it won't let me download at all, it tells me "timeout was reached".

When i try to download it normally, it DOES something, but extremely slowly and only for few seconds, then it tells me it is unable to download and nothing happens.
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I've had a similar problem which I could solve by executing the following command from an administrator console (only applies to Windows 7 or newer):

netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

(from https://fasterdata.es.net/host-tuning/ms-windows/)


I'm no TCP expert, but downloading X-Plane with a Mac from the same network was OK. Using Wireshark I noticed a lot TCP flow problems on both machines, but Windows would rapidly increase the TCP receive window to about 1.7 MB whereas the Mac slowly reached a maximum of about 200 KB. The above command disables Window's automatic increase of the receive window, which will stay at 64 KB. Afterwards I could download from Highwinds CDN with about 4 MB/s.

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