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Hello, pardon my question. I've checked the previously asked similar questions & still have one doubt. Today I read about XP11 in Public Beta. If I choose to go ahead with purchase today, will I get to keep both the versions XP10 & 11 installed & use them simultaneously in future even after upgrade? Or is it like I will end up with only one simulator XP11 installed after it's final release by upgrading over current XP10. I do not own any XP ver. as of now.


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At this time, all purchases of X-Plane 11 will also include access to X-Plane 10. This means you can use the same product key to download and use both versions. When X-Plane 11 is out of beta, it will simply be more stable and will not be part of a combo deal. You will not lose access to X-Plane 10 by buying or installing X-Plane 11 available on right now.