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I'd like to buy Xplane11 with 10 included, but will install them on a machine without any internet connection, after having downloaded it with another machine, connected, of course, but not powerful enough to run them.

Will your protection scheme allow my buying the game (s) ?

Then, there is a second question : you state that if the game is installed on a second machine, it will stop functionning. Does that mean that when I will upgrade my machine, I will loose the right to run the game ?

With friendship.

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An internet connection is required to occasionally verify your product key. X-Plane will stop working after approximately 2 weeks (I think) if it cannot connect to the internet to verify the key.

X-Plane can be installed on all of your home computers, including new purchases. We do require you to have a license for each of the networked computers that will be running X-Plane at the same time. If you are not running X-Plane at the same time on multiple computers, you do not need more than one product key.

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Do you know if there's a way to circumvent this ?

This would absolutely forbid my buying the game, even if it would be the second version I buy (I own a 6.26 version).
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X-Plane 11 WILL be available on DVDs once we are closer to a final version. I do not have any idea how long it will be until they are available, unfortunately.
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I can wait ! Especially for such a great sim.

Even if you didn't say so, I guess the dvd version will be clear of internet checks.

Will I be able to update the offline game with downloaded patches ?

Thanks for your help.
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Yes, I believe using the X-Plane 11 DVDs will function the same way as in 10--have the DVD 1 in the drive to unlock the sim.