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One airplane with issue... Rotate MD 80 v1.22: each time one try to open plugin - Aircraft management - x-plane 11 crashes.

Also.. the frame rate is very poor in x-plane 11. With all plugins loaded and full resolution (all maxed) i get 32 fps in x-plane 10 (finally fixed after months of issue getting less than 5 fps) and now with PAID (i must be dumb) version of x-plane 11 - no plugins , i barely get 17fps with all to minimal resolution and not 1 plugin..

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Once again, the X-Plane 11 Beta, as many times mentioned, is considered to be buggy. Laminar Research is likely prioritizing issues with the BASE package of X-Plane 11 before even considering bugs relating to add-ons, such as the Rotate MD-80. If you believe their is a compatibility issue for the Rotate MD-80 with X-Plane 11, you will have to contact the MD-80 developer, not Laminar Research.

As for the frame lag, you are not the first to report that. Laminar Research stated that lagginess was a fair possibility in the Beta, so sit tight until more things are worked out.

But for future reference, bear in mind that X-Plane 11 also brings about more graphical improvements and modified techniques, so "lower frames" compared to X-Plane 10 was generally an expected thing.
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thank you.. looking forward for the fix and continued improvement of this beta to a functional, working, valued xp11.

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