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So I installed the demo version of X-Plane 11 and Im only getting 24 fps on the lowest settings possible, 15fps on most things on High and medium and 14 fps with the sim maxed out. All of my drivers are up to date, My graphics card is a 6gb gtx 1060 that got around 60 fps in X-Plane 10 but why is x-plane 11 so laggy? https://gyazo.com/c6386e18aaa1657e3b9ed106494cbb45

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Are there any other programs running on your computer? Was an anti-virus security scan running? Were Windows Updates installing? I have very similar PC specs as you but I am getting >30FPS on moderately high settings.

Try running the simulator again and see if there is still the same situation. Also, are you on Windows 7, 8, or 10?

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