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The X-Plane 11 Public Beta was released last night. It was expected for the X-Plane 11 Beta to be buggy. If you are simply reporting a bug and not asking an individual question, please use the Bug Reporter system here:

--> This is so that the developers can directly get a look at what needs to be fixed. Make sure to follow the instructions there, and make sure to include as much information as possible relating to the circumstances you were using X-Plane under.  Thanks! 

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My X-Plane 11 installer.exe runs and shows the language selection screen but it freezes and crashes some time after. I've tried for many times including compatibility mode and run as adm but it doesn't work. I have win 7 SP 1 OS. Could you help me guys?!

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You added space at end of X-Plane Bug Report URL and it is not clickable. Here is working URL:
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Thanks, I fixed it. ;)
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Yes the bugreports on 11 should be submitted.  However it is nice to post here and get feedback from others that they are experiencing the same problem so that one knows it is not just his rig causing the issue on 11 beta.
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Correct. I agree; I just mostly feared that many users where not aware of the designated bug reporter.
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I was wondering if there is a way to check if our bug is being reviewed at all?  I submitted a bug but haven't heard back (Apologies for hijacking the thread).
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Since the Bug Reporter is not a support line, there will be no response from the developers. While they can have your email (perhaps) if they needed more information for a particularly nasty bug, it is primarily a one-way deal. :)