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I have 3 monitors and the panel is stretched across all 3.  How can I get the panel in only the middle monitor?

I am using XP 11 Public Beta.



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If you are using a spanned monitor setup like NVidia Surround (is what I have setup currently, but I'm sure ATI has similar), and have your resolution set to the full resolution, your view will stretch by default.  Try changing your Graphics -> Lateral Field of View setting from the default to something much larger (130 looks pretty good to me) and that should keep your panel on the center screen, and give you peripheral view on the side monitors.
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Thank you.  That solved the problem
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You're welcome. :)
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Works, but there's problems with sizing of sun halos, stars, generel runway lights etc.
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I actually moved away from spanned monitors, and using the monitors individually in xplane 11.  If you set the field of view and lateral rotation settings properly to take into account the bezel sizes it actually looks really good, and you don't get that crazy stretched view out of the side windows. :)

Trick I found is that if you put the bezels between two monitors on one of your round gauges in your aircraft panel it makes it easy to see if your bezel gap is configured properly (should still look like a round gauge, just with the bezel in the middle blocking view of the center of the instrument, not like some mis-shapen instrument that got malformed by the bezel)