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If there is anyone out there who is more experienced at x plane 11, could you explain how I use the ground services for X-Plane V11(the default with x plane)?
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Are there certain airports I should try for this or is this at any airport

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Go into settings (top right on the utility bar, looks like three liens with knobs/levers), then go to "Keyboard", then type in the "Search commands" bar: services. This way, anything with the word "service" in it will show up. There, under "Operation", select "Service the airplane with ground trucks" and put in a new key assignment. Then, in the simulator, press that key assignment and watch the services come to life! Make sure you give them a minute or two, as some vehicles may have to drive to your aircraft from a different location at the airport.
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Not working for me on 11pb1. I get the message that they are coming but they never arrive. There is also no airport traffic/vehicles running around. Tried at different airports. Clean stock install.

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Make sure you try this at a servicing airport, such as the default KSEA. Also, I would assume if you still do not see the trucks, it would have to do with your settings. Make sure the "Draw Objects" slider is not all the way down.