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Flight model is excellent, graphics engine is fantastic, weather outstanding and more.  This is a beta and there will be issues however I wanted to say so far so great!

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GTX 970 4 GB, i5 4560 3.5 GHZ. 8 RAM. 1000 HDD.
8 fps. Minimal settings. Really? Do you really think it's excellent? It's awful. 

Awful optimization, at least i MUST NOT have 8 fps on MINIMAL settings (and by the way on my good videocard), and also futhermore i MUST NOT buy GTX 1070 and waste my money (cause it's very expencive) just for having 30 fps in this game.

Dev-s, please, read this and make a NORMAL optimization (at least like in X-plane 10). 
Thank you. In advance. But for now - 0/10. Awful. Sorry, it's truth.

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Hi Colliflyer =)

This is beta testing and things are just not going to be smooth.  They gave us a free 10 version to do some testing.  It is all going to work out fine.  I have been through many beta tests in a span of decades.  This is not a bad beta roll out.  Give them some time to sort this stuff out!
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Now searching through the topics i've found people with the same probem (and one of the users has more powerful GTX than mine)'s strange...i hope Laminar dev-s will fix it..
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Hi Colliflyer,

After seeing your post I checked my FPS with default settings with my GTX 970 and I am getting 40 to 60 FPS.  The main difference between my box and yours is that I have 16 gb ram.  I have been doing all kinds of flying with x-plane 11 beta 1 today in the beech baron with this fps.

Only problem I have had is that I have no roll or pitch with my joystick but using the autopilot took care of that.

Send them a log.txt file while they work out bug issues.
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Hi Glasairmell,

are you using rudder pedals? I had the same issue because pitch and roll was assigned to my toe breaks and was always overwriting the joystick pitch and roll...
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Thank you! We appreciate hearing the good as well as the bad. ;) We're certainly not done working on making it better yet.