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I intend to use x-plane 11 on Windows and Linux.

May I use the same license ?

Do I need to buy a license to windows and another one for Linux ?

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I have a similar question. I'm an X-Plane plugin developer and I have to test and debug on all three platforms and potentially between a development / debug machine and high end test environment system. I'm only running one copy at a time. Can I use the same key for these systems.

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If you will not be using X-Plane on the different computers / operating systems at the same time, one license will work for both. If you will be networking X-Plane with multiple machines all running the sim at the same time, you will need to purchase a license for each computer.
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Hi jroberts


So, if I buy a new computer, I have to buy a new license?

I intend to buy a new one, because mine, actually, is not enough to run x-plane 11 properly.
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No you would not need to buy a new license if you are only using the new computer to run X-Plane. It's when you're X-Plane on running multiple computers at the same time (like for a networked multi computer setup).
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Hi, jroberts

commented by (12 points) then do I move an install from Win10 to Linux? do I need to reinstall from the dvd or download or can I migrate it over my home network? I seem to recall upgrading to Xplane 10 from 9 and have the USB key, but can't figure this one out without the 10 DVDs?
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You will need a full new install if you want to change operating systems. You can use the DVD or digital download to do this on a new machine, or you can actually use the existing machine & installer to download for another operating system (under the 3 slider button in the top right corner), then move it over via external storage of some sort.