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In X-Plane 11 you could map the 8 hat switch buttons to any command. Now in X-Plane 11 it seems to be restricted to just a few movement commands.

Is there another way to do map those switches to any command like we can do with other buttons?

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This has been a fairly common issue people have reported so we will be taking another look at this feature.
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May I ask as a 1st Poster whether this bug has a timeline for rectification. I spent quite a while working with my Warthog controller trying to program the hat switches the way I want them for the plug in and failed. I finally asked the search question the right way to come to this post.

I guess if it isn't going to be fixed then some scripting will be required? Does anyone know of another solution?


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This feature is already in X-Plane 11. 11.01 had a new error for hat switches that limited some to 4 options only, but 11.02 should have fixed that as well.
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Thanks for the quick reply, I ran the installer update option and it wouldn't update from 11.01 to 11.02 until I ticked the beta option, ran it again and it moved to 11.02b1. Joystick hats now have the options available.