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The Saitek Autopilot Panel and the Switch Panel are not recognized in XP 11.  They do not show up with the other controlllers.

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I have always had to use the xsaitekpanels plugin to make them work.

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I am not at all familiar with the plugins.  How do I get and install them?

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How to get & install plugins?
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Go to this link

you can download the zip file, there is a pretty length manual along with the code.


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X-Plane 11 is still in Beta. Some plugins may require tweaking by the developer to allow complete compatibility; thus, if the plugin does not work in X-Plane 11 as of now, report it to the developer (just pointing it out).
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By the way, I did see a post from Sparker, the author of xsaitekpanels, that he tested the plugin with X-Plane 11 and it was working. Here is the thread, his comment is the first post in the thread.

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Thank you all for the help.  What a great forum.
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Plug in is working with XP11Saitek Switch-Panel came alive :-)

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How did you get the plugins to work? I read that and it was beyond comprehension for me honestly. I couldn't even find the file folders.