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What would be a good setup to run Xplane (home based unit). I have an older version but haven't used it lately. I am familiar with both the home and commercial versions from past years. I also have various aircraft add-ons and wondered if any would work with xp 11. My older unit is a desktop PC running XP but could up grade if necessary. Would like to have as realistic setup as possible. Have used commercial versions in motion simulators (C208 & Beech King Air) but want to set up a home based desktop unit for personal use as I am now retired. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Sonny Blyn

Wichita, KS

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It depends on your budget and what your current hardware is.
This link is the most helpful :

Another link to a useful video:
Always prefer Nvidia to AMD to choose your GPU. This will be the key element.

For example, my config :
Windows 8.1
I5 3.5Ghz
8Gb ram
Dedicated 480 GbSSD but my orthophoto scenery is on a 2Tb HD
1 FHD monitor

I'm quite happy about it (30 to 40 fps most of the time) because I bought it 3 years ago and I don't intend to change it now. But if I decided to upgrade it, I would go for a GTX1070 or even 1080.

Guillaume (not affiliated with Laminar Research)

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