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I have been having lot of trouble running X-plane as I've already posted on another thread but one thing that get me is that it seems that under Windows 10 the Crash Reporter that is supposed to send data to the authors does not ever run when the program crashes.  I would post my log file but I've done that in the other thread ( and there is nothing there to help anyway.

I  am running Windows 10 64 bit, Intel I-5 3.4 GHZ processor, 32 GB RAM, NVIDIA 970 graphics card.

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Does the X-Plane crash reporter come up? That will send the info directly to us if you use it.
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No, that is the problem.  I even disabled the Windows 10 error reporting and then the program just crashes to the desktop.

I have run diagnostics on my windows installation as well as a memory test but the program keeps crashing and the X-plane crash reporter does not come up.
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You might try turning off all AI aircraft for now. Otherwise, the only other advice I have is to wait for an update to see if it helps at all. This is beta 1 so turning and performance are not optimized yet.
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I think turning off the AI aircraft helped, I was getting frame rates of 45-49, but on a test flight with the King Air aircraft and taking off from kLAX and turning toward San Diego I only made it to just past Newport Beach before it crashed.  Again, no Crash Reporter.

I guess I'll have to wait till next beta.