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I am very frustrated using this program, X-plane 11.  It crashes all the time, I can not get through even one flight without a crash. I have used different airplanes, different airports and it crashes very often.  I have tried several fixes with increasing paging memory and decreasing graphics settings and it still crashes in 5 -20 minutes. I have not installed any third party additions and am just trying to run it as it was installed.

I have a I-5 processor, 32 GB RAM, NVIDIA 970 graphics card, running Windows 10 64 bit.

I am going to try to enclose my log file if that will be any help.


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Well, even tho X-plane 10 and 11 are great ideas, it seems that unless you have a very powerful computer, you will run into a lot of problems getting it to stay up.  I have looked all over the internet and on this forum and I do not see an answer to my constant crashing.  At least in Windows 10, the crash reporter does not activate just the Windows dialog box that says that it crashed.  The log file does not have anything helpful either.

I am not running with ANY add on's so this is right out of the box for X-plane 11.  X-plane 10 crashes also and I don't have any plug-ins that I know of.

X-Plane 11 Log File

X-Plane 10 log file

Windows 10, I-5  3.4 GHZ processor, 32 GB RAM, NVIDEA 970 graphics card.

It just won't work!!!!!

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OK, I tried again today with some debugging tools.  This time with Microsoft's Process Explorer running along with X-plane 11.

I got the longest run time I've ever gotten on flight from KSEA to KSFO, but in the end it still crashed.  I am uploading my log file, which will do no good what-so-ever.  Also I am uploading screen shots of the various screens of Process Explorer, both right after loading X-plane 11 and then right after the crash.

If anyone out there can help I would sure appreciate it.

Log File

Basic Process Exp screen showing memory usage etc.after X-plane load

System memory information after X-plane load

GPU Information after X-plane load

CPU Information at crash time

GPU Information at crash time

I/O Information at crash time


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I have tried more things but am still having problems.  Does anyone actually read these comments if they are not on the first page?

One thing that I found is that if I run X-plane as an Administrator under Windows 10, it then runs for a much longer time.

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I found an answer to my crashing problem.  I was trying to run it at the resolution of the desktop (1920 X 1080). I started to decrease the resolution in the graphics setup and the FPS  rose each time I decreased the resolution. I am now able to complete a flight from LAX to SFO without any crashes. My graphics settings are now:

Visual Effects = HIGH
Texture Quality = MAXIMUM
Antialiasing = 4X SSAA FXAA
World Objects - HIGH
Reflection detail = MINIMAL
Draw Shadows on Scenery = OFF

I hope this helps some poor soul.
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Can you please run X-Plane 11 again, and as soon as it crashes, upload that log.txt. The log.txt you provided does not seem to give information about the crash.
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OK, I tried again.  This time it ran for about 10 minutes.  737 flight from KSEA to KSFO.  I looked at the log but did not see anything significant.  I also took a couple of screen shots.


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Another thing to look at is the Windows event log. At least there should be a message about the crash. Personal note: The public beta ran stable on Windows 7 64 bit for me, but it always crashed after loading in Linux. FOr Windows take care that your hardware is stable, especially that the power supply has -- well -- enough power ;-)