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I'm building a small airport, and I have placed ramp starts and taxi rutes, I set size to D, and I try to add C sized 737-s as AI, but they refuse to spawn on my airfield.

GA aircrafts do spawn and work, on my airfield.

Why can't I get airliners to spawn ? What are the minimum nececery thing that I have to have on my airfield ?

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I believe X-Plane looks at other factors besides just the ramp starts--like the length of the runway vs. what the aircraft needs to take off for example.

If AI don’t seem to be using your airport or ramp starts, there are a couple art controls that you can turn on to help debug the situation. (Note you will need to set the art control then make sure the airport reloads by leaving entirely and coming back.):

  • atc/debug/log_spawn=1  (Prints log info on AI aircraft arrival & departure logic. Use developer console to see this in-sim)
  • airp/debug_ramp_starts=1 (Leaves on screen a bunch of visual debug markers telling you about the ramp starts, so if a static airplane is missing or wrong you can SEE the data.)
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Thank you for the answer, since I was able to make it work somehow, but I'm not sure how. I moved around the ramp starts a bit giving them more space. (but they never touched in the first place)

I used the art controls log_spawn, but the log only show that the airliners spawned in the air,, didn't get info on why.

debug_ramp_starts , the only thing I noticed is the debug marker on the ramp start position. is there any other info with this dataref I can use ?

On another airfield for GA aircraft only I was not able to make it work at all. It have ATC, ATC tower frequency ATC rutes ramp starts, taxiways , long and wide grass runway, but no aircraft spawn on the filed , just in the air, would be nice to debug it.
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Make sure you either set the art control before loading the airport, or leave, set the control, and come back to the one you want to investigate.

The ramp start debug marker should have info such as the name, size, etc.