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Hi all,

After installing the XP11 demo, I proceeded to buy a copy and went to run the installer again to download the scenery. The problem is - aside from the slow download speed - that I keep getting a lot of "Unable to download - Please check your internet connection - will try to download again shortly - Unable to download from server".

The downloader picks up again after a couple of minutes and, at this pace, it takes ages to download even a small scenery region (4GB). But worse, even if the installer ends up succeeding to finish, I end up with a lot of empty (zero bytes) .dsf files. No matter how many times I run the installer again, it keeps happening. The internet connection was up and stable during all the process.

Specs: iMac 2.7 Core i5 / 8G ram / macOs Sierra

Please see attached the installer log (this file was extracted in the middle of another try, let me know if you need the "finished" version).

Thanks a lot!


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I have the same issues with the server. I actually had an installed digital version and yesterday It started an update and this crashed all installed files. I couldn't even get the simulator starting again. So I removed the install and wanted to start over and now almost 20 hours later it still gives the Unable to download message. In between it told me it might take up to 162 hours. I first thought the issue is on my side but after a successful download of other large files I can count that out.

I have the feeling the CDN server has some issues.

My location is the east coast USA

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If the installer is unable to download a file, like the scenery tiles here, it will timeout and move to the next one. While I haven't seen the 0 byte dsf files, my guess would be they would prevent you from downloading the files again if you tried to re-install the scenery.

What country are you located in?
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I'm located in Panama.

Well after that first unsuccessful install, I manually deleted all the zero byte files and run the installer again. At that time, even with the various timeout errors, it succeded on downloading the missing scenery.
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Same issue as RodrigoSilveria, I am located in the US east coast