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No way to adjust the Gamma anymore in XP11.?

The default "as ships" once again is in the 2.7-3.3 range; making absolutely everything washed out. I have done various tests with Xgrinded DDS imagery and how it appears in XPLane over the years, and in it's somewhere around 1.7-1.8 

_screen_gamma_ 1.800000

^^ need this exposed in "advanced rendering" for XP11 or something (or please, oh please, simply make it a more sensible default out-of-the-box!)


- Ck.


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There's a bug in the way a .POL file handles the Alpha channel on a DDS DXT1

without NO_ALPHA, its washed out (even though there's a 1 bit alpha, and it's 'off' on every pixel)

with NO_ALPHA declared in the .POL; it's "the correct colour"

Will open a bug report with Ben with in game XP11 screenshots to prove it. ;)