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I'm tracking the forums and website every day for clues whether there have been a update for the beta or, any news regarding a update.

Now, I'm not going to push or ask a exact date for a update, however I would like to ask if there is any news and, if there will be an update in the coming weeks. Or will be the next update the full release around Jan 2017?

It is still a beta, but I've been in more beta games/products and they patches their product every day with small fixes until they're satisfied to do the full release

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Hi there SwissAir,

I hope I can be of some assistance toward answering your question, and as I don't know the exact answer and haven't heard anything from Laminar Research or any official statements from them or likewise, I can only provide you with my estimate to the problem.

I would say Laminar Research are actively fixing and ironing out the truck loads of bugs that are pouring in from the Bug Reporting Page, and until they are satisfied with an amount of bugs and issues they've sorted will not release a Beta Update for X-Plane 11 or would prefer to fix all reported bugs and then move onto the bigger picture of full version release.

I hope I was some help to you.


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Are you going to let us know when the Update is available?