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I have an iMAC with a compact keyboard with no numeric key pad. I read about the quick look functions so went out and purchase a Belkin "Your Pad" Wireless Bluetooth 10Key Pad at the Apple Store.  It installed and paired without issue and seems to work on its own just fine but not with Quick Look.

How do you configure a quick look keys? Holding control on the keyboard while pressing a numeric key pad number has no effect. Its like it doesn't recognize the control key. What do I need to do to get the Belkin Key Pad working.

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Here are the manual's instructions on how to set up quick look keys (as far as I know nothing changed between X-Plane 10 & 11). By default, I think most Apple products are missing the key pad, so it's possible the key combination to set up quick looks differs by operating system. (I've never tried on my Mac because I don't have a key pad.)